Smart Cities

Digitalisation that drives smart city innovation

By 2050, 68% of us will live in urban areas.

How can we strategise and plan for cities that will be able to sustain us? How might we develop urban infrastructure that is smart, agile and responsive to how we work, live and play? How is it possible to build smart ecologically-friendly cities that offer sustainable quality of life for generations present and future?

Smart City

ATINUM is powering tomorrow’s sustainable smart cities.

Big Data Platforms

AI & Machine Learning

Internet of Things

Advanced Analytics

Citizen-centric solutions

Decarbonisation Strategies

Atinum delivers software, hardware and AI expertise to create physical connectivity, data gathering capabilities, and real-time analysis and response.

Smart City
Smart City

Capable hardware meets powerful analytics.

Atinum powers tomorrow’s smart cities by innovating today. Our data and machine learning expertise deliver insights for citizen-centric living and a better quality of life. Our hardware creates the IoT connectivity that forms the backbone for real-time data capture, and the automation that makes cities adaptive. We participate in policy discussions at strategy level to help shape successful smart city concepts, showcasing what is possible.

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