Bringing tomorrow’s smart operations to railways and mass transit systems

Railways are the backbone of global connectivity and modern trade, transporting a large percentage of the world’s freight while also moving passengers.

But challenges remain. How can railways effectively protect miles of open-air tracks? How can they cope with wear and tear, extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions? How can operators predict demand, and link schedules for better efficiencies? How can railways and metros deliver exceptional experiences when a single cancelled train disrupts lives or the transport of goods?


ATINUM is designing railway-ready solutions powered by IoT and AI.

Predictive Maintenance

Effective Scheduling & Integration

Advanced Analytics & Better Forecasting

Fewer Disruptions

Improved Safety

Streamlined Customer Experiences

Atinum brings next-generation analytics and connectivity to railway infrastructure and assets, using a combination of IoT and AI to spark smarter processes, lower costs, improved safety and increased reliability.


Tailored solutions for essential railway operations.

At Atinum, we work with railway owners and operators to customise a range of smart solutions to improve safety, performance, and cost-effectiveness. Our IoT and drone-assisted inspection solutions monitor wear and tear to prevent sudden failure. Our AI-powered platforms integrate with CRM, operational and scheduling software to unlock enhanced forecasting, better scheduling and improved customer experiences. We also deliver solutions for more effective logistics and payload management.

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