Improved innovation, manufacturing and value generation

The petrochemicals industry is on the cusp of digital transformation.

Whether you are innovating highly specialised products or delivering commodity products in bulk, you are under cost pressure while needing to meet customer demands safely and effectively. How can petrochemical companies streamline operations, keep costs low, ensure exceptional health and safety standards while keeping innovation a priority?

Petro Chemicals

ATINUM is powering the digital transformation of the petrochemical industry by building agility, innovation and digital competitive advantage into existing value chains.

Robotics & Automation

AI & Machine Learning

IoT Connectivity

Cost Savings

Compliance & Quality Control

Optimising Global Operations

Atinum helps petrochemical clients accelerate their digital transformation by driving value, sustainability, flexibility and agility across their value chains.

Petro chemicals
Petro chemicals

The right mix of hardware, software and industry expertise.

Atinum is the right match for the precision and insight demanded by petrochemical clients. Our teams bring the right hardware, software, AI, and industry expertise to create turnkey solutions.

With robotics and automation to supercharge productivity safely,  drone inspections and predictive maintenance sensors to keep assets safe, and IoT connectivity with data analytics for new insights, we empower our petrochemical clients to keep innovating while boosting their bottom line.

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