Oil & Gas

Accelerating digital transformation across the energy sector

These are unprecedented times for the oil and gas industry.

How does the sector deal with demand and price volatility with falling profit margins? How can oil and gas facilities become more productive and price competitive while also becoming safer and going greener? And that’s before considering the operational challenges of maintaining onshore and offshore assets in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

Oil and Gas

ATINUM brings turnkey solutions bridging industry, hardware, software and AI to oil and gas.

Predictive Maintenance

Drone Inspections

Industrial IoT

Performance Management

Advanced Analytics

Remote Monitoring

Corrosion Detection

Exploration, Drilling & Process Optimisation

Atinum helps create a leaner, more flexible and more resilient oil and gas sector by delivering new insight and optimisation while reducing risks of equipment failure.

Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas

Atinum delivers a range of powerful and customised solutions for oil and gas clients. From data analytics that optimise processes, real-time pipeline monitoring that avoids failures, and drone inspections that can access remote sites — to smart operator tools and more effective digitally-led performance management, Atinum brings tomorrow’s technologies to address today’s challenges.

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