Empowering military and security forces through digitalization

Military forces operate in some of the world’s most hazardous conditions, yet must maintain peak readiness.

How can they improve their effectiveness while keeping personnel and civilians safe? Modern security forces require robust operational procedures to ensure their vehicles, assets and installations are in exceptional condition and ready for rigorous service.

They also need surveillance and inspection tools that can help them forecast threats. How is it possible to digitally transform military forces in the face of new challenges while delivering better public service?


ATINUM delivers the insight and support frameworks to advance operational and readiness capabilities.

Next-Generation Connectivity

AI & Machine Learning Insights

Drone Surveillance and Remote Inspection

Asset Performance Insights

Process Optimisation & Automation

Predictive Maintenance through IoT

Interoperational Hybrid Cloud Platforms

Improved Mission Readiness

Atinum delivers the software, hardware and AI expertise to keep security and military assets at peak performance and readiness.


An intelligent approach to security.

Atinum delivers the technology to improve public security, while keeping military assets in peak condition. Our smart IoT technology enables a new generation of connectivity and communication, helping keep track of assets whether at home or deployed in the battlefield. New connectivity leads to better insights, improved operational capabilities and heightened mission readiness. 

Our drone surveillance and inspection services offer better clarity of the field of operations. We also transform public service and safety through end-to-end solutions that bring together secure platforms with AI, analytics and hybrid cloud solutions. 

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